What Tests Do I Need to Take?

MTTC Requirements for In-State Teacher Candidates

If you are completing or have completed a Michigan-approved teacher preparation program, please contact your Michigan Preparation Provider with questions regarding testing. Here is a list of providers with contact information link opens in a new window.

When to Take the Tests

Check with your academic advisor for further information about when you should take the tests for the MTTC. An academic advisor may request you wait to take a subject-area test until you have completed at least 90 percent of your coursework in that program.

Contact the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) for information about program policies.

Web: www.michigan.gov/teachercert link opens in a new window

Email: MDE-EducatorHelp@michigan.gov

Phone: (517) 241-5000

MTTC Requirements for Out-of-State Teacher Candidates

If you completed an out-of-state teacher preparation program, you must apply for Michigan certification through the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS link opens in a new window) before any testing guidance can be provided. After submission of your application, paying the evaluation fee, and sending in all requested documentation, your application will be evaluated. Once the evaluation has been completed you will be issued an evaluation report which discloses any/all testing requirements.

Additional Endorsement Applicants

Since September 1, 1993, it has been a requirement that an individual holding a Michigan teaching certificate who applies for additional endorsement(s) must complete an approved program and must pass the appropriate test(s).

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