MTTC Practice Tests

MTTC online practice tests are designed to simulate the actual testing experience and include multiple-choice questions representative of the actual test. The practice test for the Professional Readiness Examination Writing subtest also includes sample constructed-response assignments. You will be provided with supplemental materials including a score scale and sample responses at each score point to help you assess the quality of your writing.

Each practice test offers:

View a sample practice test.

$29.00 for each full-length practice test.
$17.50 for the PRE Math subtest practice test.

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Purchasing and accessing your practice test

  1. Click Purchase Now to visit the MTTC Practice Tests page and purchase a test. You can try out a free sample practice test before you purchase.
  2. After you purchase a practice test, you may begin taking the test immediately. Or, at your convenience, return to the MTTC Practice Tests page and log in to begin taking your practice test. (You will also receive an email providing the link to access the practice test.)

Taking the practice test

You will have 120 days to access your practice test, beginning on the date of activation.

Each practice test includes field-specific directions similar to those that will be presented in the actual test. Practice test questions may include graphics, audio materials, and writing assignments, as appropriate. There is currently only one version of each practice test.

While you are testing, you may pause the test and return to it later if you wish; you do not have to finish the test in a single session.

Your practice test can be submitted for scoring only once, but it will be available for your review until the end of your subscription period (120 days). After you submit your practice test for scoring, you will receive immediate results showing your objective-level performance on multiple-choice questions.

The Professional Readiness Examination Writing subtest includes sample responses to the written assignment, as well as analyses of each response. You can compare your response to the sample responses to gauge your performance.