MTTC Certification Requirements

Professional Readiness Requirement

All candidates for a Michigan provisional teaching certificate must pass the Professional Readiness Examination before enrolling in student teaching. The Professional Readiness Examination consists of three subtests: Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. Together, the Reading and Mathematics subtests comprise approximately 85 multiple-choice questions. The Writing subtest consists of approximately 42 multiple-choice questions and two written constructed-response assignments. To meet requirements for the Professional Readiness Examination, you must pass each of the subtests; see "Professional Readiness Examination (PRE) Passing Score Alternatives" for more information.

What if I have already taken and passed one of the MTTC Basic Skills Test subtests?

The Professional Readiness Examination replaced the former Basic Skills Test in October 2013. If you previously passed one or more Basic Skills Test subtests, your passing status for each subtest you passed will be accepted and you will not need to take and pass the corresponding Professional Readiness Examination subtest again.

Elementary-Level Certification

Candidates for an elementary-level teaching certificate must pass both the Elementary Education test and the Professional Readiness Examination. Candidates who want to teach specific subject areas in grades 6–8 must also pass the corresponding subject-area tests in order to qualify for the endorsements.

Secondary-Level Certification

Candidates for secondary-level teaching certificates must pass, in addition to the Professional Readiness Examination, the corresponding subject-area test for each subject area in which they are to be certified. Candidates seeking certification in more than one field of study must take the MTTC subject-area test for each field.

If you are a Michigan student seeking certification for the first time, the required subject-area test is the one that corresponds to your major or minor field of study in an approved teacher preparation program. Subject-area tests correspond to teaching certificate endorsements; it is important to verify with your advisor the endorsement or endorsements that your institution will approve on your behalf and take the appropriate MTTC tests. If you are already certified to teach in Michigan and are seeking an additional endorsement, you must take the subject-area test that corresponds to the endorsement you are seeking.

Certification Requirements for Out-of-State Teacher Candidates

Persons certified to teach in other states or trained at out-of-state institutions must pass the Professional Readiness Examination and appropriate subject-area tests to be certified in Michigan. However, there are two important exceptions:

  1. You are not required to take the MTTC tests if you hold a teaching certificate from another state and meet all of the following criteria:

    • You have taught successfully for at least three years in a position for which your teaching certificate from the other state was valid.
    • You have earned, after your initial certification in another state, at least 18 semester credit hours in a planned course of study at a state board–approved institution of higher education or you have earned, at any time, a state board–approved master's or doctoral degree.
    • You have met the elementary or secondary, as applicable, reading credit requirement established under state board rules.
  2. If you hold a teaching certificate from another state and meet all of the requirements for a Michigan teaching certificate but do not meet all three of the requirements listed above, you are eligible to receive a one-year nonrenewable temporary teaching certificate without passing the Professional Readiness Examination and subject-area tests. However, the State Superintendent will not issue a teaching certificate after the expiration of the temporary teaching certificate unless you have passed the appropriate tests.

Out-of-state applicants who are eligible for exceptions 1 or 2 must contact the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Professional Preparation Services, at the address listed in "Contact Information."

Additional Endorsement Applicants

Since September 1, 1993, it has been a requirement that a person holding a Michigan teaching certificate who applies for an elementary-level certificate or for additional endorsements must pass the appropriate tests to become certified.